Primo Analytics Limited


Primo Analytics was created to deliver Analytics solutions leveraging 20+ years of experience in the Finance Services Industry.

We build Real-Time Analytics solutions to Identify Issues, so that you can Take Action Now, before they escalate.

Real-Time Analytics solutions can be implemented on any electronic process, to provide visibility where it may be missing, as well as the insights into expected behaviours not available in other tools such as IT Monitoring.

Don’t wait for an ‘End of Day’ report, work at the Rhythm of the Business.

We have implemented¹ many analytics solutions against both High Value Payments (E.g. UK CHAPS) with 10,000s of payments a day, and Immediate Payments (e.g. UK Faster Payments) where there are ~10 Million payments a day.

 Getting started is quick, we can provide a short ‘lean workshop’ or ‘Proof of Concept’ to demonstrate the capability of the analytics solutions.

Contact us for more information on the solutions and support services we offer to deliver your Analytics solution, and how we can help you get started quickly.

We proudly support our customers in achieving Operational Excellence by providing the Operational Intelligence through Real-time Analytics.

Our Founders, Carlos Castro and Mark McKeever have over 20 years experience in delivering Real-time Analytics¹ .


For more information about Primo Analytics, visit our About page.

¹ Now referred to as Real-Time Analytics, we are building on our experience delivering Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and Operational Intelligence (OI) solutions for Tier 1 banks around the world to monitor their vital payment systems to reduce Operational Risk, Customer Impact and provide tangible business value.